Three days ago PlayStation uploaded a trailer for the new game Horizon Zero Dawn which will be launched February 28, 2017, that is quite the wait, but it’s worth it!  We know that this is a PlayStation exclusive which will of course anger Xbox and PC gamers.  The developers of Horizon are taking quite a risk with this never before seen style.  At first glance it looks like it takes place in the dinosaur ages because of the bows, outfits, and of course, dinosaurs, but in reality it takes place in the future and the dinosaurs are actually robots.

We know that Aloy, the main character, is needed to collect a certain substance for a project that we were not told about because the developer didn’t want to spoil too much.  There are a few gameplay clips floating around the internet and one of which shows Aloy attacking a horde of elk like robots.  In this scene she sets up trip wires with her bow and shoots and explosive arrow by the elf to scare them into running into the trip wire.  There was also a scene where Aloy hid in tall grass (much like Uncharted 4) and stealth killed a dinosaur.  Now we know that stealth is a big part of this game which is quite shocking since stealth and robots haven’t really been done much like this.

Apparently this is also an action RPG which means we will have a huge open world and most likely side quests.  I am very interested to see what this game has to offer and I think that this game will be fantastic considering how original it is.  Are you hyped for Horizon?  Do you agree with us?  Please let us know, and don’t forget to share this and connect with us through social media!