No Man’s Sky is definitely one of the most hyped games of 2016, but does it deserve as much attention as we’re giving it?  Sean Murray (The creator of No Man’s Sky) hasn’t given us much information on No Man’s Sky, but we do know that there will be billions of planets to explore and tons of wild life to discover.  We also know that there are space pirates and space cops, and lets not forget that the map is going to be so large that you may not even see any other players.  Sean has been on quite a few YouTube videos giving us gamers a look at what the game has to offer, and we really haven’t seen much.

The Know, a popular YouTube channel discussed the same topic about No Man’s Sky being over hyped and the game will most likely be a better looking Minecraft, and I agree with this statement because we know No Man’s Sky has passive and hostile creatures, randomly generating worlds, and even mining which are all elements of Minecraft!  Sean Murray also appeared on IGN giving us a peek at the game.  The video is over 20 minutes long and it all seemed way to repetitive, he killed animals, he explored, he found resources, and that is pretty much all that you saw in the video which means we might have a repetitive game on our hands.

No Man’s Sky was also recently delayed so maybe they’re working on adding and improving aspects of the game.  I guess all we can do is wait and hope the game turns out like we all want it to.  Will you be getting No Man’s Sky?  Do you agree with us?  Let us know!  Don’t forget to share this with your friends and stay connected through our social media.