Days Gone was definitely one of the most interesting games revealed at E3 this year and we thought it would be a perfect game to blog about, so here it is.  Days Gone is a zombie game that sorta has a Last of Us feel with crafting and a sad story to tell.  This is also a PlayStation exclusive.  The game looks like an action adventure type game and looks like it will be a very immersive game for anyone into that genre.  From gameplay demos we can see how the game has massive hordes of zombies that makes the game look truly intense.

Gameplay demos have also shown how interactive the world was from collapsing floors, exploding barrels, and you can even place bombs around the environment and everything seems fully destructible!  We know that there are vehicles implemented in the game that require fuel, it seems that the main character will be riding the same motorcycle through out the game and even before the apocalypse it looks like he rode the same motorcycle.  We’ve also discovered that the main character had a wife/girlfriend before the apocalypse and is believed the be dead.

The trailer gives us more details on how society collapsed and they had to evacuate into the forest to get away from big cities which would definitely have a lot of zombie traffic considering cities populations are pretty high.  In the trailer the main character says he’s a drifter, bounty hunter, and mercenary so we can expect he does a lot of work for people as long as there’s a reward involved.  Are you excited for Days Gone?  Let us know!  In the meantime, please like and share this across social media and comment how you feel about Days Gone!