We all have heard of Star Wars Battlefront 3 by now, and a lot of people were not pleased with the game when it was released last November.  If you didn’t already know, the main reason Battlefront was flooded with a ton of hate was because of how different it was from the last two Battlefronts which where fan favorites at the time and still are.  There is plenty ways the game completely betrayed its ancestors, one of which being how EA mainly focused on multiplayer and did not have a campaign, unless you want to count the few missions that were in single player mode.

Now time for the real question, is Battlefront a bad game?  In my opinion Battlefront is a great game despite it ruining one of my favorite serious.  There are plenty reasons why I consider Battlefront to be a pretty great game, for starters, its graphics are purely outstanding and still beat games that have came out this year.  I know graphics aren’t everything but there is still more to explain.  It’s basically like any other fast paced shooter but better than most of them in my opinion, and the reasoning behind that is because EA implemented so many more interesting features that really make you feel like you’re in the land of Star Wars!

They have tons of interesting characters and weapons that have made an appearance in Star Wars and they even have chicken walkers!  (AKA AT-ST’s)  There is a wide variety of game modes and the majority of them are enjoyable!  Though there is one thing that really bugs me, and that is the DLC.  I bought the Outer Rim DLC for $15 and really liked it, but I thought there wasn’t enough included in it for its price.  I also dislike the fact that they give people who purchased the season pass early access to the DLC because I have not bought it and never plan to considering it is about $40.

Probably the worst part about the game is the match making.  You could literally jump in a multiplayer match for the first time and come across a player who is level 60, and you will get killed a lot when you first start playing and the only way to prevent that is to get as good as them.  Do I think Battlefront is flawless?  No, but do I think it’s a wonderful game to any one who loves Star Wars and fast paced shooters?  Yes, and do you love the game?  Do you share the same opinions as me?  Let me know, and share this with friends through social media to encourage us to make more top quality blogs!