What makes a creative game?  Some might same bright colors, others may say unique concepts, either way Little Big Planet brings us both bright colors and unique concepts.  There are now 4 Little Big Planets one of which being LBP Karting which still maintains creativity even though it’s a racer.  So why is LBP such a creative game you ask?  LBP has tons of interesting ways to design your character which is referred to as sackboy (unless you are a girl of course) who is a creative little thing himself.  You collect clothing items from prize bubbles which can be found all around levels.

I also thought that all the LBP characters where very interesting especially Negativatron who is a vacuum that tries to consume all creativity.  A fan favorite character was Uncle Jalapeno from the first ever Little Big Planet.  Lets not forget how you can make your own level and publish it to the community, but don’t think you’re just gonna pop into a level creator and be good at it.  You’d be surprised how many levels are just as good as the main story missions and that’s tough to pull of considering how complex all the tools really are.  And of course you can play with friends but connection is horrible in my experience.  You can also download costumes and levels as DLC to get more hours into your game!

Another thing that made LBP so creative was its story, sure a lot of people don’t really care about the games story but if you think about it, it’s a pretty unique story.  Pretty much ever LBP’s story was about a antagonist trying to destroy creativity itself.  And sometimes it can actually be pretty depressing, I nearly shed a tear after playing LBP 2’s ending.  Do you agree on LBP being the most creative series out there?  Did you shed a tear as well?  Let us know, in the meantime please like and share this with your friends and leave us a positive comment for more posts.