It’s no secret that a lot of the gaming companies out there get hate, and definitely one of the most hated gaming companies out there is Ubisoft.  Now I do not hate Ubisoft because they made Far Cry and I love that game, but Far Cry its self has a lot of issues just like most of Ubisoft’s games.  Why does Ubisoft receive all the hate you ask?  For starters, almost ever game Ubisoft has presented us with has been downgraded, if you don’t believe me then click here for a video showing us that they don’t only downgrade graphics, but also physics, animations, and sound.  Which that itself is really a jerk move and false advertising.

So now we know that Ubisoft downgrades their games which is one of the reasons people dislike them, but what about the games themselves?  The games that Ubisoft brings us are flat out unfinished and released way to early.  Almost everyone of their games has a ton of bugs, some even game breaking.  Let’s not forget the short cliche stories and the little things to actually do.  So there are a ton of bad things about Ubisoft but is there anything good?  Yes!  There’s a lot of great things Ubisoft does.  You can sign up for Uplay in the Ubisoft club which allows you to basically get free addons to your game, but they do require you to earn points which typically come from earning trophies.

And they actually do put a lot of detail in there games, which should be appreciated by all gamers, even if you don’t like them.  Even though the stories might be bland and short, we still love the game play!  Well, for some games anyway.  Even though you always get us hyped up for games that end up being a total flop, even though you mislead customers by downgrading games, even though you never listen to the player, we love you Ubisoft!  Did you learn anything new?  Do you agree with us?  Let us know!  In the meantime please like, share and leave us a positive comment, we love them!