In only a week Pokemon Go has more active users than some of the most popular apps out there!  If you don’t already know Pokemon Go is basically an app where you hunt for Pokemon in the real world, so basically you have to explore in the real world in order to find Pokemon.  There are also Pokestops which are locations such as churches, parks, and even restaurants.  Visiting Pokestops supplies you with Pokeballs, eggs, and other cool stuff like XP to level up your character.  What are the eggs for you ask?  You can put your eggs in an egg incubator that requires you to walk a certain distance to hatch it.  You also have the option to visit real gyms once you reach level 5 which will allow you to pick your team and take over gyms!  In order to take over a gym you need to first defeat all the Pokemon guarding it and then deploy the Pokemon you want to guard your gym you and your team now rule.

The game has mixed reviews at the moment, but it’s mainly because of glitches, crashes, and the amount of battery it drains.  A lot of the problems will probably be fixed in the near feature, so I don’t think it’s fair to judge an app at launch over those types of problems.  Unfortunately you can’t trade Pokemon with other players like the trailer teased us with, but I feel that trading will be added in the near future.  People are also claiming that it didn’t meet the expectations that they wanted, but I can’t agree or disagree because I haven’t heard of Pokemon Go till a couple days ago.  I feel this game can be loved by non-Pokemon fans because I was never a fan, but I grew up with a brother who was so I know a little bit about it.

You also have to be careful when playing Pokemon Go because all over the internet we’re hearing stories about all types of terrible things happening like people not being aware of they’re surroundings and walking into streets and dangerous neighborhoods.  Also never drive while playing Pokemon Go, all over the internet people are taking pictures of them while playing and that’s just as dangerous as texting while driving.  Overall, I think Pokemon Go is a great app that gets you outside and exploring new places you’ve never been before.  Obviously the game isn’t perfect, but you really should download it, grab some friends, and go out and explore new places while catching Pokemon!  Do you love Pokemon Go?  Let us know, in the meantime, please like, follow, and share this with your friends!