Pokemon GO generates millions of dollars daily and fans have high expectations because of this, but recently Niantic released a new update that leaves fans angered with the game.  The update included the ability to change the look of your avatar and improved their graphics, but they also removed the three steps under Pokemon in the nearby list because it was currently broken.  People are angered by this because they just removed it in general instead of fixing it, personally I don’t have an issue with this because it’s useless if it doesn’t work and they will be adding it back in once it’s fixed.  Fans were also disappointed because Niantic changed how spawning worked, the reason they’re bugged by this is because the majority of people were using websites that would tell trainers exactly where the Pokemon were instead of finding it yourself.

Without tracking websites hunting down rare Pokemon is nearly impossible, personally I feel that they should allow websites like this to stay up until their tracking is fixed.  There are also Pokemon nest which are locations where tons of the same Pokemon spawn, but in this update Dratini nest were removed, this is because Niantic thought it would be to easy to get a Dragonite, which is the fully evolved Dratini.  Other Pokemon nest are also believed to be changed as well.  People are also complaining that the app freezes more often because of the update.  Minor changes were also added into the game such as, achievement images, minor text changes, and even more buttons to press to transfer Pokemon.

 In the settings menu there was a option to turn on battery saver mode, this allowed you to turn your phone upside down and the screen would become darker, but this feature was removed due to it causing the game to freeze on players, people are calling Niantic lazy for removing it instead of fixing it.  I honestly don’t care that they removed the three steps and battery saver mode because they were broke!  What’s the point of having a feature that doesn’t work?  Besides, they will be putting the features back in the game once the problem is solved.  Hopefully things at Niantic will be worked out, but in the meantime, please show us some support and tell us how you feel about the update.