I’m sure you all heard of the well known Naughty Dog series titled Uncharted, as of the making of this blog the series has four Uncharted games, five if you count Golden Abyss.  All of the games have a well driven story and interesting characters.  It’s also a very cinematic parkour type of game that includes a few puzzles here and there.  Drake, the main character hunts treasures with his best friend Victor Sullivan who goes by Sully for short.  During Drake and Sully’s adventures they always come across some sort of problem such as, collapsing buildings, shootouts, and sometimes losing a partner, but in the end they always find a solution.

The four games all somewhat continue a story, but you don’t need to play the older ones to understand a newer one, it does help though.  One of the main reasons why many thought Uncharted was a fantastic series was because of how real the characters felt, you really do start to grow attached to the characters and even feel hatred for the antagonists.  You also feel so immersed and you’ll almost feel like you’re in it tagging along with Drake on his life changing adventures.  Although the games pretty much consist of the same thing it doesn’t feel repetitive at all, and that’s hard to pull off in a video game.

Lets not forget how advanced the game is, no game to this day has such flawless mechanics that video games need.  Many people also think that the games get better ever time, and I can agree with that.  The story becomes more detailed, the parkour becomes more smooth, and there’s new and improved characters added within each game.  Although Uncharted 4 was Nathan Drake’s last game it is believed that there might be more Uncharted games coming in the future.  If you’ve played the epilogue of Uncharted 4 then you might have an idea as who we would play as in Uncharted 5.  Overall Uncharted is a great series that I feel every gamer should play at least once, thank you all for stopping by Gaming Core and stay tuned for future gaming blogs.