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No Man’s Sky: The Big Lie

If you’re a gamer you almost definitely heard of the well anticipated game titled No Man’s Sky, but if you didn’t already purchase it, make sure you read this first.  No Man’s Sky was definitely one of the most hyped games of the year, but like me and few other gamers knew it wasn’t going to meet it’s expectations.  Sean Murray, the creator of No Man’s Sky showed us what could possibly be game of the year, but what we got was far from it.  What angers players most is that he lied about what was going to be in the game, but still thought it was worth $60.  A game no better than Minecraft worth $60?

Sean Murray said that the day and night cycle was going to work with actual suns and not a light box, but what did we get?  A light box.  He also said that every player was going to get their own randomly generated ship when they start out, but everyone has that plain red ship.  Landing on asteroids was another promised feature that has yet to be added in the game, even though it seems pointless we were still promised it.  Hacking doors was something we were promised and yet it was not added in the final product.  Also planets with rings around them were promised and definitely would make the game a lot more realistic, but not there.

My first hour in No Man’s Sky was plain boring, all you do is gather resources then fly to another planet and do the same thing.  And all the random creatures generated looked slightly different but still looked pretty similar.  It’s not a terrible game, it’s just not for everyone.  If you just like exploring randomly generated worlds then this is the game for you, but that’s pretty much all you can do aside from space battles which aren’t very fun at all.  What do you think of No Man’s Sky?  Let us know in the comments, and well see you next time on the Gaming Core!


Why Uncharted Was Successful

I’m sure you all heard of the well known Naughty Dog series titled Uncharted, as of the making of this blog the series has four Uncharted games, five if you count Golden Abyss.  All of the games have a well driven story and interesting characters.  It’s also a very cinematic parkour type of game that includes a few puzzles here and there.  Drake, the main character hunts treasures with his best friend Victor Sullivan who goes by Sully for short.  During Drake and Sully’s adventures they always come across some sort of problem such as, collapsing buildings, shootouts, and sometimes losing a partner, but in the end they always find a solution.

The four games all somewhat continue a story, but you don’t need to play the older ones to understand a newer one, it does help though.  One of the main reasons why many thought Uncharted was a fantastic series was because of how real the characters felt, you really do start to grow attached to the characters and even feel hatred for the antagonists.  You also feel so immersed and you’ll almost feel like you’re in it tagging along with Drake on his life changing adventures.  Although the games pretty much consist of the same thing it doesn’t feel repetitive at all, and that’s hard to pull off in a video game.

Lets not forget how advanced the game is, no game to this day has such flawless mechanics that video games need.  Many people also think that the games get better ever time, and I can agree with that.  The story becomes more detailed, the parkour becomes more smooth, and there’s new and improved characters added within each game.  Although Uncharted 4 was Nathan Drake’s last game it is believed that there might be more Uncharted games coming in the future.  If you’ve played the epilogue of Uncharted 4 then you might have an idea as who we would play as in Uncharted 5.  Overall Uncharted is a great series that I feel every gamer should play at least once, thank you all for stopping by Gaming Core and stay tuned for future gaming blogs.

New Pokemon GO Update Disappoints Players

Pokemon GO generates millions of dollars daily and fans have high expectations because of this, but recently Niantic released a new update that leaves fans angered with the game.  The update included the ability to change the look of your avatar and improved their graphics, but they also removed the three steps under Pokemon in the nearby list because it was currently broken.  People are angered by this because they just removed it in general instead of fixing it, personally I don’t have an issue with this because it’s useless if it doesn’t work and they will be adding it back in once it’s fixed.  Fans were also disappointed because Niantic changed how spawning worked, the reason they’re bugged by this is because the majority of people were using websites that would tell trainers exactly where the Pokemon were instead of finding it yourself.

Without tracking websites hunting down rare Pokemon is nearly impossible, personally I feel that they should allow websites like this to stay up until their tracking is fixed.  There are also Pokemon nest which are locations where tons of the same Pokemon spawn, but in this update Dratini nest were removed, this is because Niantic thought it would be to easy to get a Dragonite, which is the fully evolved Dratini.  Other Pokemon nest are also believed to be changed as well.  People are also complaining that the app freezes more often because of the update.  Minor changes were also added into the game such as, achievement images, minor text changes, and even more buttons to press to transfer Pokemon.

 In the settings menu there was a option to turn on battery saver mode, this allowed you to turn your phone upside down and the screen would become darker, but this feature was removed due to it causing the game to freeze on players, people are calling Niantic lazy for removing it instead of fixing it.  I honestly don’t care that they removed the three steps and battery saver mode because they were broke!  What’s the point of having a feature that doesn’t work?  Besides, they will be putting the features back in the game once the problem is solved.  Hopefully things at Niantic will be worked out, but in the meantime, please show us some support and tell us how you feel about the update.

Pokemon GO: The Start of Something Big

In only a week Pokemon Go has more active users than some of the most popular apps out there!  If you don’t already know Pokemon Go is basically an app where you hunt for Pokemon in the real world, so basically you have to explore in the real world in order to find Pokemon.  There are also Pokestops which are locations such as churches, parks, and even restaurants.  Visiting Pokestops supplies you with Pokeballs, eggs, and other cool stuff like XP to level up your character.  What are the eggs for you ask?  You can put your eggs in an egg incubator that requires you to walk a certain distance to hatch it.  You also have the option to visit real gyms once you reach level 5 which will allow you to pick your team and take over gyms!  In order to take over a gym you need to first defeat all the Pokemon guarding it and then deploy the Pokemon you want to guard your gym you and your team now rule.

The game has mixed reviews at the moment, but it’s mainly because of glitches, crashes, and the amount of battery it drains.  A lot of the problems will probably be fixed in the near feature, so I don’t think it’s fair to judge an app at launch over those types of problems.  Unfortunately you can’t trade Pokemon with other players like the trailer teased us with, but I feel that trading will be added in the near future.  People are also claiming that it didn’t meet the expectations that they wanted, but I can’t agree or disagree because I haven’t heard of Pokemon Go till a couple days ago.  I feel this game can be loved by non-Pokemon fans because I was never a fan, but I grew up with a brother who was so I know a little bit about it.

You also have to be careful when playing Pokemon Go because all over the internet we’re hearing stories about all types of terrible things happening like people not being aware of they’re surroundings and walking into streets and dangerous neighborhoods.  Also never drive while playing Pokemon Go, all over the internet people are taking pictures of them while playing and that’s just as dangerous as texting while driving.  Overall, I think Pokemon Go is a great app that gets you outside and exploring new places you’ve never been before.  Obviously the game isn’t perfect, but you really should download it, grab some friends, and go out and explore new places while catching Pokemon!  Do you love Pokemon Go?  Let us know, in the meantime, please like, follow, and share this with your friends!

Why The Witcher Was Successful

Every gamer has heard about the year-old Witcher 3, but you might not be aware of how successful it actually is.  The Witcher 3 has won hundreds of awards and is still played by thousands of people today, but why was it such a master piece?  it was a medieval/fantasy RPG which usually always works well in games, and they really pulled it off with the story, characters, and even added the slightest details that a lot of people would not of even noticed.  One of my favorite details in the game is beard growth, yes your beard does grow, and the water looks so good as well!

The Witcher 3 will give you hours upon hours of gameplay which never gets repetitive at all!  The main quests themselves can give you a whole 24 hours of gameplay depending on how you play.  The game’s combat is absolutely mind blowing, and it would be way to hard to describe how great it is.  Lets not forget the sound track, imagine fighting a giant creature and epic instrumental music starts playing, it really does get your adrenaline up and makes fights much more immersive.  And of course there’s the magnificent characters that you feel a connection to through out the game, and like any other RPG there’s choices,  some choices can affect the characters in a negative way, others in a positive way.

Not many people know this, but using Witcher armor is much better than regular armor because it is upgradable.  Upgrading that armor really does make you feel like you’ve accomplished something, and that’s always a great feeling.  The game definitely plays with your emotions and knows how to make a fantastic story that works well with it’s genre.  Overall, I think the Witcher is a great game that everyone should have on their shelf and put as much hours into it as possible.  Did you agree with us?  Let us know!  In the meantime,  please like and share this with your friends to help keep us running!

Why Does Ubisoft Get Hate?

It’s no secret that a lot of the gaming companies out there get hate, and definitely one of the most hated gaming companies out there is Ubisoft.  Now I do not hate Ubisoft because they made Far Cry and I love that game, but Far Cry its self has a lot of issues just like most of Ubisoft’s games.  Why does Ubisoft receive all the hate you ask?  For starters, almost ever game Ubisoft has presented us with has been downgraded, if you don’t believe me then click here for a video showing us that they don’t only downgrade graphics, but also physics, animations, and sound.  Which that itself is really a jerk move and false advertising.

So now we know that Ubisoft downgrades their games which is one of the reasons people dislike them, but what about the games themselves?  The games that Ubisoft brings us are flat out unfinished and released way to early.  Almost everyone of their games has a ton of bugs, some even game breaking.  Let’s not forget the short cliche stories and the little things to actually do.  So there are a ton of bad things about Ubisoft but is there anything good?  Yes!  There’s a lot of great things Ubisoft does.  You can sign up for Uplay in the Ubisoft club which allows you to basically get free addons to your game, but they do require you to earn points which typically come from earning trophies.

And they actually do put a lot of detail in there games, which should be appreciated by all gamers, even if you don’t like them.  Even though the stories might be bland and short, we still love the game play!  Well, for some games anyway.  Even though you always get us hyped up for games that end up being a total flop, even though you mislead customers by downgrading games, even though you never listen to the player, we love you Ubisoft!  Did you learn anything new?  Do you agree with us?  Let us know!  In the meantime please like, share and leave us a positive comment, we love them!

Little Big Planet: Most Creative Game Ever?

What makes a creative game?  Some might same bright colors, others may say unique concepts, either way Little Big Planet brings us both bright colors and unique concepts.  There are now 4 Little Big Planets one of which being LBP Karting which still maintains creativity even though it’s a racer.  So why is LBP such a creative game you ask?  LBP has tons of interesting ways to design your character which is referred to as sackboy (unless you are a girl of course) who is a creative little thing himself.  You collect clothing items from prize bubbles which can be found all around levels.

I also thought that all the LBP characters where very interesting especially Negativatron who is a vacuum that tries to consume all creativity.  A fan favorite character was Uncle Jalapeno from the first ever Little Big Planet.  Lets not forget how you can make your own level and publish it to the community, but don’t think you’re just gonna pop into a level creator and be good at it.  You’d be surprised how many levels are just as good as the main story missions and that’s tough to pull of considering how complex all the tools really are.  And of course you can play with friends but connection is horrible in my experience.  You can also download costumes and levels as DLC to get more hours into your game!

Another thing that made LBP so creative was its story, sure a lot of people don’t really care about the games story but if you think about it, it’s a pretty unique story.  Pretty much ever LBP’s story was about a antagonist trying to destroy creativity itself.  And sometimes it can actually be pretty depressing, I nearly shed a tear after playing LBP 2’s ending.  Do you agree on LBP being the most creative series out there?  Did you shed a tear as well?  Let us know, in the meantime please like and share this with your friends and leave us a positive comment for more posts.

Days Gone: What We Know

Days Gone was definitely one of the most interesting games revealed at E3 this year and we thought it would be a perfect game to blog about, so here it is.  Days Gone is a zombie game that sorta has a Last of Us feel with crafting and a sad story to tell.  This is also a PlayStation exclusive.  The game looks like an action adventure type game and looks like it will be a very immersive game for anyone into that genre.  From gameplay demos we can see how the game has massive hordes of zombies that makes the game look truly intense.

Gameplay demos have also shown how interactive the world was from collapsing floors, exploding barrels, and you can even place bombs around the environment and everything seems fully destructible!  We know that there are vehicles implemented in the game that require fuel, it seems that the main character will be riding the same motorcycle through out the game and even before the apocalypse it looks like he rode the same motorcycle.  We’ve also discovered that the main character had a wife/girlfriend before the apocalypse and is believed the be dead.

The trailer gives us more details on how society collapsed and they had to evacuate into the forest to get away from big cities which would definitely have a lot of zombie traffic considering cities populations are pretty high.  In the trailer the main character says he’s a drifter, bounty hunter, and mercenary so we can expect he does a lot of work for people as long as there’s a reward involved.  Are you excited for Days Gone?  Let us know!  In the meantime, please like and share this across social media and comment how you feel about Days Gone!

Is Fallout Over Rated?

The Fallout series has been a hit for years now and the series has developed a massive fan base over the years, but does the game truly deserve it?  The easiest way of putting it is no, but this is a blog and I cant write three sentences and be done so here is evidence to support my claim on fallout being over rated.  REMEMBER these are all my personal opinions so please, do keep that in mind.  So lets start off on how Fallout became such a hit.  The only reason I could think of is the choice of dialogue the game gives you, but personally I don’t think Fallout’s dialogue is that great considering there are games that have way better dialogue choices such as Walking Dead, Until Dawn, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Fallout my self, but I’m just not interested in the series as the other die hard fans.  We also can’t leave out on how anti-climatic the stories to all of them are especially in Fallout 4 when *SPOILER ALERT* you find your son.  I thought the stories the series tried to tell weren’t interesting and were very predictable.  All though a lot of the characters where very interesting they have an unbelievable amount of the same faces which is very disappointing.  The games are also very repetitive and once you’ve completed all the bigger quests all you’re left with is a seemingly lifeless world with repeating quests.

But of course we all love how a lot of the companies are ironically nuclear war related like Nuka-Cola, Blast Radius, and Sugar Bombs.  If you’ve played a decent amount of Fallout you’ll probably know the amount of glitches there are some being funny, and others just being plain annoying.  We also can’t forget how loading screens are so long that you can’t help but start doing something on your phone to kill time.  Remember, I love Fallout, but I just don’t think it deserves the amount of attention it has been rewarded all this time.  Do you agree?  Let us know in the comments and we’d appreciate it if you’d follow us and share this across social media to help motivate us to make high quality blogs!

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